What is AssetTiger?

Learn about our new, free for SmartSign customers, software – AssetTiger. See the many features and functionality of this cloud based software available for your computer, phone or tablet.


AssetTiger Demo

How exactly does AssetTiger work? In this 35-minute demo, one of the AssetTiger team members walks you through everything - from signing up to how to use some of the complex tools that separate AssetTiger from the competition. This video is separated into chapters, so if you're looking for specific information, you can easily find it. It also addresses several of the most frequently asked questions.


Setting up AssetTiger

See how you can quickly and easily set up AssetTiger so you can start tracking your assets in one place. Learn some of the how AssetTiger can have multiple Sites, with many location, and can categorize your assets. Everything can be customizable or you can use our pre-set options.


Adding an Asset

Learn how to add individual assets to AssetTiger. See how the details of the assets get populated by choosing where the asset is located, how it should be depreciated, and if it has a budget or fund associated with it. Also, learn how to track lending out an asset to a person or employee, so you always have a running list of where the asset has been and is right now. All these details will help with any reporting you’ll need in the future.


Bulk Uploading

Learn how to take your existing data about your assets and upload it into AssetTiger. You can either use our simple-to-use template or your existing spreadsheet. Learn how you can map over your data to get information into AssetTiger quickly and accurately. Also, learn how to override or update your data within AssetTiger if you have multiple spreadsheets to upload.


Editing an Asset

Learn how to find and change the details of an existing asset in AssetTiger. For better tracking of your assets, learn how to check in and check out an asset to a person. Learn how to add photos, documents, maintenance calendars, and warranty expiration dates. Lastly, see the history of an asset’s "changed value" to ensure accountability for any changes to the asset.


Adding and Updating a User’s Permissions

Learn how to add different users and grant/limit their access to AssetTiger features. Different users may be able to add and delete items, only update, or just view. All these features allow you to give permission, as well as change the permissions, based on the individual user or group of users.


Scheduling Alerts and Reminder emails

Learn how to create alerts based on various asset needs, such as due date, expiring warranties, or the maintenance calendar. You can set up automatic emails to be sent about these action items, or look at them within AssetTiger on the monthly calendar—all color coordinated for easy viewing.


Running Reports

Learn how to run various reports on your asset, locations, or employees. We’ve created stock reports to help you view your assets in various ways: from seeing all the assets located at one site, to calculating your depreciation for the month, to seeing who has what asset at any given time—all with one click.


Creating Custom Reports

Learn how to create and save your own reports. You can run these reports over and over just for your use or share them with the full team. Create as many customized reports as you need for the unique way your business runs.


Linking Assets

Learn how to link assets to have a parent-child relationship within Asset Tiger. To assign multiple assets that are related to each other and/or function as a whole, assign one asset as the parent, the rest of them as the children, and the group will stay linked. You can either have these assets function as one unit or have them associated but able to move independently.


Mobile App

Learn how you can use Asset Tiger on your phone or portable device running either iOS or Android operating systems. Learn how to quickly add assets, or check them in and out, or do inventory, while you’re away from your desktop but have a mobile connection. The mobile app is useful for doing field audits of your assets, by allowing you to do real-time barcode scans to place assets in the correct site and location.


Auditing Assets

Learn how to run periodic audits on your assets within Asset Tiger. Learn how to ensure all assets are properly accounted for, in correct locations, and/or checked out to the proper person. Additionally, you can run reports on your entire asset list so you can identify if any items are missing and where they were last located, so you can take proper action.


Reserving an Asset

Learn how to reserve assets for an upcoming date. Let others on your team know when that asset will be used to avoid double-booking. You can set a reminder for that reservation, so if the asset is no longer needed the reservation can be canceled or rescheduled.


Using Portable Scanners

Learn how to use portable scanners that connect to your laptop, desktop or phone. Using Bluetooth-connected scanners means you never run the risk of dropping your phone behind a piece of equipment when you’re trying to scan its asset tag. This functionality makes using AssetTiger even easier. No more typing in long ID numbers, so you can fully utilize the barcodes on your assets.


Customized Dashboard

Learn how to customize Asset Tiger’s dashboard for your unique needs. Learn which widgets and charts are available, change the colors to make them visually pleasing and move them into an ideal order for you and your organization. Learn where, as an administrator, you can limit the access of some information to ensure complete control of your AssetTiger account.


Customize Asset Form

Learn how to customize the way your asset form is laid out for all future additions. Learn to add groups and click-and-drag different fields to have everything aligned just how you want. Additionally, you can make some fields larger or smaller. Have the form fit your organization’s needs. Note: This functionality is only available for the administrators of the account, not the rest of the users.


AssetTiger Fee Structure

Learn how to keep your account current. If you've bought asset tags, learn how to link that purchase to continue using AssetTiger free of charge. If you don't buy asset tags this year, here's information about the fees involved to maintain your account. Note: These options are only available for the account administrator.


Linking Your Purchases

Your use of AssetTiger remains free of charge when you buy asset tags from This video shows you how to get account credit if you've already made a tag purchase.
Note: Only the account administrator can access the account page.


Configuring Check-in/out and Other Events