Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer AssetTiger for free?

We developed AssetTiger after so many of our customers complained that their budget was exhausted by having to pay over $3,000 for asset tracking software. They would then scrimp and buy cheap asset tags for under $100. To us, this was backwards. We’d rather have a customer buy a really good asset tag – and we make the best on the market – and not have to waste so much on software. That’s why we developed AssetTiger – which frankly, is better than other packages that cost thousands of dollars per year!

Our mission is to make asset tracking efficient and cost effective. Our best-on-the-market tags, along with the state-of-the-art AssetTiger software make this mission possible.

Tag Purchase Plan

AssetTiger is available to our asset tag customers as a free service. We have a minimal amount of tags that must be ordered each year – as a way for us to defray some of our support and hosting costs. See 'Tag Purchase Plan' table below.

Number of Assets Min Yearly Asset Tag Purchase Value
Up to 250 assets NONE
Up to 500 assets $180 / year
Up to 2,500 assets $345 / year
Up to 10,000 assets $600 / year
Up to 50,000 assets $1200 / year
Up to 250,000 assets $2400 / year
Up to 500,000 assets $4800 / year

Subscription Plan

If you have not ordered tags from us, we will ask that you purchase an yearly 'Subscription Plan'.

Number of Assets Plan Description Price*
Up to 250 assets ATS-FREE Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 250 assets) FREE
Up to 500 assets ATS-500 Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 500 assets) $120 / year
Up to 2,500 assets ATS-2500 Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 2,500 assets) $230 / year
Up to 10,000 assets ATS-10K Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 10,000 assets) $400 / year
Up to 50,000 assets ATS-50K Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 50,000 assets) $800 / year
Up to 250,000 assets ATS-250K Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 250,000 assets) $1600 / year
Up to 500,000 assets ATS-500K Yearly Subscription Fee for AssetTiger (up to 500,000 assets) $3200 / year

Each subscription period is annual, beginning on January 1st of the calendar year. Within the first year, late subscription will be prorated based on the month that subscription begins. is the world's leader in marking assets and we know that our tags really help organize your tracking and help you get the most out of our AssetTiger software.

Staying on top of your assets saves you time and money. It's harder to lose or misplace assets when your system tracks every asset's history and exact location. There's a huge opportunity cost to finding your lost assets. Without a system in place, you lose productivity, too.

A quality asset tracker uses a two-pronged approach to manage your belongings. First, the program needs to be easy to provide quality information about your assets. AssetTiger lets you include as much information as you need about your assets, updateable at a moment's notice by any user in real time. Second, a proper asset management program has quality reporting. AssetTiger’s reporting shows you an assets life from acquisition to disposal, and everything in-between with finical, locational and status of your asset throughout its life.

Our mobile application transforms your phone into a mobile asset management juggernaut. With the AssetTiger app, scan barcodes to review and adjust asset history, check assets in and out, or update statuses including location and perform maintenance.

We have been making and selling asset tags for 25 years and expect to be making tags for another 25 years. With over 100,000 asset tag customers, 100 employees including 20 programmers, and thousands of AssetTiger users, we have the motivation and capacity to continue to support our customers for asset tags and software. We continue to upgrade AssetTiger based on your reviews and comments. Try it out for free and see the benefits of being a loyal customer.

There's no limit. Unlike many other asset tracking services, AssetTiger doesn't limit the number of people who can use your account. We also don't limit the number of concurrent users.

No, you can run all of our reports as frequently as you like, along with any other custom reports you want to generate.

Absolutely. We built in a function that's perfect for auditing your assets.

AssetTiger's cloud technology relies on an internet connection. But, you can still compile a list of your assets in an XLS file and upload that file to AssetTiger when you're connected to the internet.

Any computer or tablet that can connect to the internet is compatible with the program. Similarly, Android and Apple smartphones run the application without error.

Our servers are protected behind a firewall. The personal information you provide us is stored on access-controlled, secure servers, and the people who work on AssetTiger data are all trained in how to keep your information secure. All data you submit to AssetTiger is stored in PCI-compliant data centers. In the event a security breach happens, we will let you know.

AssetTiger allows you to import your lists of assets and export any number of asset lists, including your reports.

You! We built AssetTiger to work with every level of asset manager, from people who need to keep their tools sorted in their backyard shed to global corporations with tens of thousands of assets. AssetTiger is designed to be completely scalable. Watch it grow with your organization.

Yes, you can quickly set up automated reports and custom generated reports. You can choose to have these emailed to you and any number of other people at your company.

No. Most other asset tracking systems advertise their broad range of features but fail to inform the customer that only their top tier (the most expensive tier) includes all of their great features. Anyone with our software can take advantage of all of our benefits.

Include an almost unlimited number of details about your assets with custom categories. Additionally, you can track your asset's depreciation and its complete history. Track it from its initial purchase, see everywhere it traveled, everyone that interacted with it, and where it ended up.

Not only can AssetTiger manage your contracts, it can also handle your licenses, warranties, and insurance. On top of that, you can have AssetTiger alert you about anything that is time sensitive and needs your attention, from an expiring contract to an asset in need of routine maintenance.

Yes, most barcode scanners work, as well as the majority of Android and Apple smartphones, as long as they have the app.

Yes, we have multiple currencies and time zones so the software moves with you. Plus, we ship our Asset Tags around the world so you have all the tools wherever you are. We’ve even sold to NASA so pretty sure our Tags have been to space and beyond!

Yes, the program currently offers four methods to track depreciation: straight line, double declining balance, 150% declining balance, and the sum of the years' digits. You can run monthly or yearly depreciation reports for your accounting team or tax accountant.